Mary Bogart
Internationally known Psychic Medium
Psychic Readings
Palm Readings ~  Past Life Regressions ~
- Meet Your Spirit Guide Sessions -
Store Hours:
Monday - Saturday
10am - 8pm

10am - 6pm


1701 Portland Avenue
Nashville TN 37212
in a 2-story house on the
edge of Hillsboro

across the street from
the Curb Event Center at
Belmont University and
the Athlete's House
Sporting Goods Co...

Between the Circle K
and the
Subway Restaurant /
Readings by appointment only.
Contact Mary directly through her website.

Services offered and on-going classes:
  • Psychic and Psychic Medium Readings
  • Group Gallery-Style Readings
  • Meet Your Spirit Guide Sessions
  • Mini Regression sessions designed to look at one or two specific things going on
    in your life...allowing YOU to access your own guidance and own answers.
  • Certified Hypnotherapist specializing in Past-Life Regressions
  • Meditation / Abundance CD available.
  • "Become A Medium Class: Developing Your Intuition, Your Guidance & Your
  • "Tools of Divination"

Past-Life Regression sessions by appointment only.

Psychic Medium Readings:
Mary talks to people who have crossed over, as well as her spirit guides and your spirit guides to
clearly and lovingly give you the messages from your loved ones who have passed on.  Sessions
with Mary are fast, powerful, and direct.

Mary has clients all over the world and has been featured on Country Music Television's "Most
Shocking: Ghosts!" and continues to make numerous radio and television appearances in the
United States and Republic of South Africa.

Palm Readings:
Mary invites you to come and experience a Palm Reading with her.  Always an avid student in all
things, Mary has enjoyed studying the science behind the lines in the human hands for many years.
Palm Readings with Mary are more than a psychic reading.  The lines in your hands tell her about
your personality, your relationships, health, career, life,  expected life span,  family, children,
marriages, ups, downs and so much more!

Allow an hour for a reading if you want Mary to tell you as much as possible.  
If you have specific health, relationship, career or other questions, have those questions ready
and she can answer them in 15-30 minutes.

Group Gallery Sessions:
Performing before a group, Mary receives messages for members seated in the audience.  Always
a moving experience, come and see if a loved one has a message for you.

Mary's office located inside of Cosmic Connections - main floor, office #7
1701 Portland Avenue   Nashville, TN 37212
click here for directions to Cosmic Connections