Kelly McCullough
Tarot Readings
Readings in person, by phone & E-Mail
Crystal & Stone Energywork Sessions

Available by appointment and as a guest at many of our
special events, $25 services days, and on our
Services Available Today calendar
Kelly is an intuitive and strong empath, able to sense a client's emotions and physical pain and
discomfort. She uses these abilities to assist her clients in a 'laying-on-of-stones' energywork session
as well as in a tarot reading.  

During energywork and intuitive readings, Kelly  receives informations from her Spirit Guides, her own body
and often from those who have crossed over to the other side to share with you.

During a stone session, cell memory cords and attachments are released along with balancing the chakras
and clearing the etheric field, allowing for more peace, comfort, joy and understanding to take their place.

During an energywork session a client can have a number of experiences ranging from deep relaxation
to emotional releases to astral travel and peeking into other dimensions.

Kelly can also read the energy and history of an object by touch, an ability known as Psychometry.

As you set your intent for your session or reading, it is Kelly's goal to help her clients progress toward a
higher state of wellness.

Kelly is a guest practitioner and available during many of our special events, on our $25 Services Days and  by
appointment .
1701 Portland Avenue   Nashville, TN 37212
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1701 Portland Avenue
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