Gayle DuVan
Aura Photography & Readings
Energy Work & Intuitive Counseling.
Available most Saturdays.   Walk-ins welcome. Appointments appreciated.

Gayle is an amazing energy worker who begins each session with a private one-on-one class in energy

Learn how to become more aware of the energies around you, and of your own energies.
Gayle is a 'facilitator'.  She will not tell you that she 'heals' or 'balances' anything for you, believing that each of
us is 'our own healer'.

Gayle will only open the possibility of anything happening, and hold the space during the session for you and
your beloved spirit to do whatever you need to do.    If you feel more well-being, if you feel changes are
happening or have happened in your life as a result of sessions, she will tell you that YOU did all the work.   
Allow her to hold that space, and show you how YOU can be a  facilitator and do your own self- energy work
any time you choose.

Leave each session with a feeling of empowerment, knowing that you have gained knowledge and received
tools on how to create  the changes you want to see happen in your life.

The Aura Video Station here at Cosmic Connections is an Interactive Multimedia Biofeedback Aura
Imaging Computer System built on the principles and studies of Biofeedback, Color, and the Human
Energy Field.

The Aura Camera IS BACK!   Available every day for 22-page full-
color aura reports.  Available most Saturdays for 22-page aura
reports with a reading too!  

The Aura Camera is for sale!  Contact Gayle DuVan for more details
on owning your own Aura Imaging Biofeedback system.

By placing your hand on a biosensor, the system is able to measure the biofeedback data - the electric
activity and temperature in the hand and in the skin.

The software in the system analyzes the information received through the sensor to produce your "Aura
Image" on the computer screen.

Although the 'core energy' of you stays the same for long periods of time, your energy field is always
moving, always changing --- and so are the colors.

Aura Imaging is an opportunity to see a representation of the energy we carry and validate our
This is one way to satisfy our left brain need to see before we can believe. Learning what these energy
patterns represent opens the door to a new level of understanding our own personality.
The more w understand ourselves the more we understand others.

We focus on the positive aspects of your energy image when we talk to you.
This is always the easiest to hear, understand and accept.

Individually we are challenged to look at the negative aspects of our personality and its energy signature
to help us open the door to allow appreciation of the lessons we learn and those who helped us learn.
Let there be no doubt that this is part of our spiritual journey. The information is helpful when we have
the courage to take a look at ourselves and perhaps acknowledge, accept, change and grow. This
process is a great tool to help us grow in understanding, forgiveness, and love and how this energy
connects us all.

Come on in and take a look !

Cost of your Aura Imaging Photo is very reasonable at:.
  • $50 for a 5-page full color report that includes the head/upper body shot, the full-body chakra
    image shot, and an additional 3-pages of information about your energy field and the colors in it.  
  • Appointments appreciated during her visits. Walk-ins welcome.   

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