A private session with The Council is a unique experience.
Touching and reading your soul, they guide you into the insights
and direction of your own Divine spirit.
With light speed understanding,they describe where you currently are in
your soul's journey, how you got there, where you will probably move next
in your growth and most importantly, how to do it.
The information is direct and clear, powerful and healing.
Each session is a sacred alignment with your purpose, helping you to
make the necessary shifts in your life, in order to live your heart's desire.
Private Sessions & Private Intensives
Juelle and The Council
September 18 - 23, 2015
$125 / one hour recorded session

Group Channeling
Monday September 21, 2015
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Private Sessions with Juelle and The Council
All session time is recorded on a CD that you will take with you at the end.
Appointments scheduled
8:30am - 6:00pm

Cost:  $125 per hour

Intensive Sessions:
4-hour.   Cost:  $425 (save $75 over hourly rate)
6-hour.   Cost: $635. (save $115 over hourly rate)
8-hour.   Cost: $845 (save $155 over hourly rate)

Prepayment appreciated.

To schedule your session:
at the store: 615-463-7677
cell phone: 615-582-7099

You are also invited to attend a 2-hour evening group channeling with
Juelle and The Council
Monday September 21, 2015
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Cost:  $40
Topic:  It's All Coming Together and It Never Looks Like You Think

The Channeled Group is in the  classroom at Cosmic Connections!
Seating is limited.  Attendance by pre-registration & prepayment only please.

Reserve your spot now!
2014 has been an excited year full of expansion and growth getting us ready for a blockbuster
2015 in all ways!   Many people are feeling the need to shift!  Shift realities, shift their lives, shift
something! That is because it truly is a time for quantum leaps that make way for miracles and
transformation. And, the forces are with us as we shift to expanded realities. It is a perfect time
for an intensive!

An intensive with Juelle and The Council is designed for the person who is ready to go deep
into a consciousness shift and expanded awareness.

Anytime there is the urge to shift, we usually see all the old patterns emerge.
This is an opportunity to allow cellular patterns, cellular memory to be exposed.

We so often do not realize how certain experiences register in the cells of our bodies, affect the
subconscious mind with all of its beliefs and pictures of reality and then this of course,
determines how we see the world and our place in it.

This is especially true when having experienced shock and trauma. We do not realize how
often we have been traumatized by an event in our lives and the affect it can have on our future.
We don't realize how a single moment in our past can affect our present or how someone
significant in our lives can say something to us and in our innocence we believe it, claim it and
make it real and then we live it. We sometimes do not see the simplest thing that has the
greatest impact in our reality. (by the way, a really good movie that illustrates this is Walt
"The Kid" with Bruce Willis."

It is these experiences that keep us repeating the same patterns of behaviour and living out
fundamental beliefs cemented and fixed in our subconscious. And then we wonder why all the
intentions and affirmations in the world do not seem to have a lasting affect. We especially see
this play out in relationship to careers, finances, success or failure and personal relationships.

In an intensive, these patterns get exposed and most times the event that created them gets
exposed as well. Once exposed, things begin to make sense and then we can change the
fundamental belief that has been the foundation for our patterns of behavior.

An intensive is an opportunity for deep transformation that yields a shift in consciousness so
that anything that we have defined in a limited way can be transformed and we can then get on
about the business of creating a life of our intention with more ease and freedom.

An intensive is also extremely useful when we are bringing in a new vision of possibilities in
our lives. Support in allowing the "old" to give way and the new to emerge is very dynamic.

Some people are feeling the urge to create some experiences that are just plain outrageous
and radical! These experiences are not "normal" in the human mind sets but they certainly are
"natural" for a way shower. This is coming from our soul and support is needed for the
process, while the anchor points of our reality shake loose. An intensive is the perfect thing to
support that process.

We normally have people come to our home in the mountains of Colorado for intensives.
However, due to this creative timing and Katherine's urging, we have decided to bring the
intensives to you.    Soooooooooooo

Let's shift, shall we?!  And rock and roll our way into a new realm of existence.

With Respect,
Juelle and Donovan
Juelle, Donovan and The Council are our special guests
from the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Crestone, Colorado.

Juelle, Donovan, and The Council, as facilitators are here for one purpose: to serve planetary evolution.
They are lovingly devoted and dedicated to assisting those people who interact with them, not only to remember
their natural divine self, but to integrate this aspect into every moment of living life, thus creating a new reality,
preparing for sacred reunion, and living the highest possibility for their life on Earth

Juelle is author of the book
"The Walk-In".
Copies of the book are available at Cosmic Connections

The Council is a host of ascended masters, enclaves and interdimensional intelligence that collectively,
lovingly and compassionately illuminate the pathways home.

Most Sessions are done at Cosmic Connections
1701 Portland Avenue
Nashville, TN 37212

Some sessions are done at the home of Katherine & Bill in Arrington, TN.
Store Hours:
Monday - Saturday
10am - 8pm

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